Salmon Fishing Report April 13,2010

Salmon fishing is ridiculous around the Ucluelet area these past few months and I am sure fishing will pick up in areas along Vancouver Island and on the north Coast of BC and Alaska once the fishing lodges open. I have to say that salmon fishing this year continues to just blow us away when you compare it to early season fishing the past few years. Early season salmon fishing was decent last year, but nothing like this. For 3 years prior to last year, early season salmon fishing was spotty at best. Even though fishing picked up in the summer, it wasn’t as good as we have seen in the past. This year we are seeing the good salmon fishing return and it is great for all the local charters and fishing lodges that are trying to get people to spend money in a slower economy.

These salmon between 12-19 lbs were caught at Ucluelet, BC April 10, 2010

Obviously we haven’t seen what the whole summer holds, but from what we are seeing early in the season, salmon fishing this summer is going to be worth taking out a second mortgage if that is what it takes. I am not sure what is happening up in Alaska this year, but I do know that the west coast of Vancouver Island is going to see some incredible salmon fishing. Salmon fishing around northern Washington should also improve early season, however the season may not open in time for people to enjoy fresh salmon on their dinner tables.

Tactical Planning for your own Boat trip

Remember when planning your fishing trip to take all the necessary precations. Check the Transport Canada Saftey guide to make sure you have all the necessary tools for you trip at . It pays to plan. I would recommend getting a GPS with a map of the west coast in it. This will make your trip much easier as it has all the reefs and obstacles already on it. I would also recommend getting a radar as well for those foggy days. A 10 mile radar is plenty sufficient for most boats. Make sure to carry adequate food and water just for emergency.


Fishing Guide,

Sam Vandervalk