How to troll effectively for salmon

Trolling is one of the best ways to catch the most salmon as you cover lots of water and make noise and flash. Salmon will be attracted to the thump of either the flasher or the spoon you are trolling. When you set up for the day, notice which way the current is going and also which direction you going to get the most strikes.  Read more

Forecast Salmon Fishing 2010

Many people are looking forward to the upcoming salmon fishing season in 2010. Return forcasts for some rivers in around Mid Vancouver Island and Wasthington are getting many fisherman excited. An early March salmon derby in Barclay Sound on Vancouver Island saw the largest salmon in 27 years, and not only that, but the largest amount of salmon over 20lbs seen in during the 27 year history of the derby. Read more

Finding the salmon

When you are looking for salmon, keep an eye out for all that is going on around you. Look for birds, look at the water color, notice the light conditions and water temperature. All these things contribute to where the fish are possibly going to be. If there isn’t much happening on the surface, chances are that the salmon are going to be down near the bottom. Read more