Forecast Salmon Fishing 2010

Many people are looking forward to the upcoming salmon fishing season in 2010. Return forcasts for some rivers in around Mid Vancouver Island and Wasthington are getting many fisherman excited. An early March salmon derby in Barclay Sound on Vancouver Island saw the largest salmon in 27 years, and not only that, but the largest amount of salmon over 20lbs seen in during the 27 year history of the derby.

With salmon being this large early in the year means that later in the summer will see much larger salmon than normal.  Chinook salmon are generally around 5-10lbs during the winter months. This year most fisherman are reporting salmon most Chinook salmon to be 12-15 lbs which is double the average size. 2009 also saw some great size in early season fishing and the size continued throughout the summer. Because most of the salmon being caught this year are over 10 lbs, fisherman are giddy with excitment for the 2010 season.

Fishing for big chinook should be good in May, June, July and August around the Barclay Sound area instead of just July and August like is usually the case. While the poor economy had less overall fisherman out last summer, this summer’s fisherman should be doing all they can to make sure they don’t miss this season’s fishing. We may not see fishing this good for large salmon in a few years, so my suggestion would be to get out fishing while you can. This year, Ucluelet would be my place of choice.

Tight Lines,

Fishing Guide,

Sam Vandervalk