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Health Benefits of Salmon

Salmon has been a dietary staple on the west coast for thousands of years. Besides the delicious taste and joy and excitement in catching one for yourself, there are many reasons to regularly consume the fish. From reduced inflammation to lowering your risk of cancer and reducing blood pressure, salmon seems to have it all. […]

To Book, or Not to Book

-A guide to deciding if a fishing charter is what you need. –   If fishing is on your list of activities for your next vacation, you may be considering booking a fishing charter. How do you know if booking a charter is the right option for you? There are plenty of good reasons to […]

Alaska vs. Vancouver Island

Salmon fishing in Alaska has received plenty of media attention. It’s for a good reason, Alaska definitely has some fantastic salmon fishing. However, there is an unsung hero farther south down the coast in Canadian waters, and it goes by the name of Vancouver Island. Despite its relatively unspoken media presence, fishermen that have been […]

Types of Salmon on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a paradise for fishermen and is quickly becoming a world-renown destination for both salt and freshwater fishing. The prize catch? Salmon. Five different types of salmon can be caught from various areas on Vancouver Island! Check out the types below, starting with the most popular of the five.   Chinook Salmon Alternative […]